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Joe’s Tailoring Workshop

The story begins

Joe wanted to train local women

to make clothes


He decided he would set up a tailoring workshop and

applied to TWAM for the sewing machines to equip it.  

He was told he would have to help with the shipping

costs and he managed to raise:

  • 500,000 UGX or

  • 1300 Zambian Kwacha or

  • 290,000 Tanzanian Shillings or

  • 120 US Dollars


He raised this in order to pay for TWAM to send him 10 sewing machines.  He also rented a larger house to set up a workshop where the women could train.  He was very happy when the sewing machines arrived and quickly recruited ten women who really needed help.

The training course lasted a year and during their training, the women were very pleased to make clothes for their families. But, they did not make clothes to sell either for themselves or to help Joe with their training costs.

At the end of their training course, none of the women could afford to buy their own sewing machine, so Joe decided he must give each of the women the sewing machine they trained on to take home.

When the women left, Joe had no sewing machines to train more women or the money to apply for some more from TWAM. He was not able to pay the rent on his large house and had to move to a smaller house, which had no room to train any women.


Joe’s plans to train many women ended

1. Did Joe do something wrong?  If so, what?


A neighbour gave Joe the money to pay for another ten sewing machines from TWAM.
2. What do you think he did differently next time?


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