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Use the form on this page to apply for tools for 

Our Team


Ian Hetherington

Tanzania Country Coordinator

Ian is your Country Coordinator for Tanzania. He will be the person who handles your application and with whom you communicate.    

You can contact Ian on:


Kanisa La Elim Pentekoste Tanzania 

Your Tanzania partner

Kanisa La Elim Pentecoste is our partner, and you will collect your tools from their church in Tanga. They will receive the containers and contact you when your tools are ready for collection. There will be no charge for collecting your tools, but a storage charge may apply if you do not collect your tools within a month of them contacting you.

You can contact Rev. Raphael Mhando on:

The address where you will have to collect your tools is:

Kanisa La Elim Pentecoste Church. Plot 25, Block 25

New Nguvumali


To apply for support, complete the online application form

To be eligible for TWAM assistance, you have to be registered with the Tanzania Government as a church, charity or Non-Governmental Organisation. Please have a scanned copy (PDF or JPEG) ready to upload before you apply online. Please make sure your registration certificate is not out of date. For state-run schools, as these are not issued with a Registration Certificate, please supply me with your EMIS numbers and exam centre codes to certify your school.

We do ask that you contribute towards the cost of preparing your tools, so please think about this when applying.


We do not charge for specific tools or tool kits, but we do ask that you contribute a small amount towards the UK cost of collecting, refurbishing and packing the tools we send to Africa.

The Online Application form above will show you the cost of the tools you are applying for. Before completing your application, please think about the cost and whether you can afford it. If you cannot, please reduce the number of tools you are applying for at this time to a cost you can afford. 

Do you need books?

We no longer supply books, but if you would like to apply for books, please visit the charity Books2Africa which may be able to help you. Click here to find out more

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