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Helping your project succeed

Our hope and prayer is that the tools we send you, will be used to equip skills and training centres, and provide the people you support with the tools they need to set up their own businesses.  But for a project to succeed and last many years requires lots of planning and preparation.  Successful projects won't happen, just because you have a great idea and lots of enthusiasm.

This is why we have prepared stories and resources to help you think through the setting up and running of your project.  To give you the ideas and support you need to maintain your tools and machines, plan for their replacement and provide all your trainees with tools when they graduate.

Please start by reading through the following stories to find out their challenges and how they managed to succeed with their projects and dreams:

Joe's story

Edwin's story

Mary's story

Very important advice is also available.  Please click here and read our

Thinking through your project guide

Setting up a Microfinance Cooperative guide

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