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Edwin’s Motorcycle Training

The story begins
Edwin was an orphan who dreamed of repairing motorbikes


Edwin was 16 and a school drop out.  His mother died and his father could not look after his children.  Relatives offered to look after Edwin’s younger brothers and sisters, but nobody wanted him.  With nowhere to go, he ended up joining a street gang and getting into trouble.  Edwin faced many challenges.


One day a local Church found him and offered to train him to repair motorbikes.  Edwin was so happy and said ’yes’ straight away.  He worked very hard on the course and learned very quickly.  His course lasted two years and when it ended he was given a TWAM Mechanics Kit. 


During his two years’ training he dreamed of opening his own workshop and looked everywhere to find one he could afford.  It was very challenging and although he looked and looked he could not find anywhere he could afford and nobody wanted to help him.


He then decided he would ask local businesses if he could join as an apprentice, but nobody wanted any more mechanics.  The little money Edwin had was gone and he had no hope or strength left to face his challenges.  So he went back to the street gang, his dreams of being a mechanic finished.  The church was heart broken to see Edwin fail.


Bob trained on the same course as Edwin and he too dreamed of starting his own workshop.   He hadn’t thought about how he could do this, and knew his family would help with some money.  It was a challenge and Bob decided it was too hard for him to try and achieve his dream, so went back to selling second hand clothes with his older brothers.


Edwin failed to meet his challenges and open a workshop

1. Why did do you think Edwin’s plans to open a workshop failed?

2. What do you think he could have done differently to succeed?

3. What can you learn to help your trainees succeed and meet their challenges?


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