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When will TWAM start sending tools to Burundi?

TWAM is planning to start working in Burundi in 2024 when the tool application will open.  We expect the first container filled with life transforming tools to be shipped from the UK in early 2025. 

Where will I have to collect my tools?

TWAM will ship the tools to our partner in Burundi, the Mouvement ACTS-Karuzi
Herridge Technical School, B P 3 Province Karusi.


If you have tools on a container, you will be informed when the container leaves the UK and again when it enters Burundi.  When it has passed customs and has been delivered to our partner, they will ring you to arrange for you to collect your tools.

How will I know when the application process opens?

You can check back here at the beginning of next year or you can register your interest by sending us your email and details and we will contact you when the application process opens.

Email: with your name, church or group name, mobile number and email address.

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