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Use the form on this page to apply for tools for
The Democratic Republic of the Congo

Our Team


Mary Carter

DR Congo Country Coordinator

Mary will process your application and be your main contact with TWAM. She can only be contacted by email on:

Only apply for tools or answer emails that end in, any other email is NOT FROM TWAM, and they may be trying to extort money from you.

To apply for support, complete the online application form

Please note that we do not directly supply tools to the Democratic Republic of Congo. If you would like to receive tools, you will need to collect them from either Kitwe, Zambia or Entebbe, Uganda. Please arrange and pay for your own travel, collection, and import duties.

To be eligible for assistance from Tools with a Mission, you must be a registered charity or non-governmental organization (NGO). Before applying online, please have a scanned copy (in PDF or JPEG format) of your Registration Certificate, Trust Deed, or equivalent document ready to upload. If you are applying on behalf of a school, please send a scanned copy of the Certificate of Registration from the Ministry of Education.

We do ask that you contribute towards the cost of preparing your tools, so please think about this when applying.

We do not charge for specific tools or tool kits, but we do ask that you contribute a small amount towards the UK cost of collecting, refurbishing and packing the tools we send to Africa.

The Online Application form above will show you the cost of the tools you are applying for. Before completing your application, please think about the cost and whether you can afford it. If you cannot, please reduce the number of tools you are applying for at this time to a cost you can afford. You can apply again another time for more tools. By applying for less tools rather than waiting to raise a larger amount, you will not have to wait so long for the delivery of the tools you need.

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