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Use the form on this page to apply for tools for 

Apply for tools

To apply for support complete the online application form

To be eligible for TWAM assistance, you have to be registered with the Ugandan Government as a Not for Profit Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO).  We also accept applications from schools, churches, faith based and community groups.  We do not accept applications from businesses or individuals.  You must provide an official certificate or other proof of your charitable status. 


If you need help to complete the application please contact your nearest team member.  Help and support is always offered free of charge. 

We do ask that you contribute towards the cost of preparing your tools, so please think about this when applying.

We do not charge for specific tools or tool kits, but we do ask that you contribute a small amount towards the UK cost of collecting, refurbishing and packing the tools we send to Africa.

The Online Application form above will show you the cost of the tools you are applying for.  Before completing your application please think about the cost and whether you can afford it.  If you cannot, please reduce the number of tools you are applying for at this time to a cost you can afford.  You can apply again another time for more tools.  By applying for less tools rather than waiting to raise a larger amount you will not have to wait so long for delivery of the tools you need.

What you need to know

  1. We will let you know that we have received your application

  2. You will then receive a phonecall from our Uganda team to assess your application

  3. Following we will tell you whether or not your application is successful

  4. We this will then tell you when your tools will arrive

  5. After you have had your tools for one year, we will carry out an assessment to make sure you are using your tools as you agreed in your application.

Do you need books?

We no longer supply books but if you would like to apply for books please visit the charity Books2Africa who may be able to help you.  Click here to find out more

Where you can collect your tools

You can collect your tools from one of three locations:


Mindset Development Organisation, Nalulemu Road, Plot 243, Block 444, Nkumba, Entebbe 

Contact: Maureen Mugisha


Rubaga students centre, PLOT 53, Kiira Road, Jinja Town

Contact: Father Ben Wakabi


Kasese Baptist Skills Centre, Kitooro Zone, Nyakasanga 2, Kasese

Contact: Alfonse Bwambale

0772 608287

Mindset Development Organisation

Your Uganda partner


Mindset is our Uganda partner. They will receive the containers and contact you when your tools are ready for collection. There will be no charge for collecting your tools, but a storage charge may apply if you do not collect your tools within a month of them contacting you.

You can contact Mindset: 

Maureen Mugisha (Central Uganda)

Our Team

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