Use the form on this page to apply for tools for 


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Peter Fisher

Uganda Country Coordinator

Peter is your Country Coordinator for Uganda.  He will be the person who handles your application and with whom you communicate.    

You can contact Peter on:


Rachel Patterson

Uganda Country Coordinator

Rachel works with Peter and she can be contacted through the email.

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Our Uganda Team

Asiimwe Sam (Country Leader - Central Uganda)

Mugisha Maureen (Central Uganda)

Gabula Andrew (Eastern Uganda)

Thembo Isaiah (Western Uganda)


Mindset Development Organisation

Your Uganda partner

Mindset is our Uganda partner.  They will receive the containers and contact you when your tools are ready for collection.  There will be no charge for collecting your tools, but a storage charge may apply if you do not collect your tools within a month of them contacting you.

You can contact Mindset:

Maureen Mugisha (Central Uganda)

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Where you can collect your tools

You can collect your tools from one of three locations:


Mindset Development Organisation, Nalulemu Road, Plot 243, Block 444, Nkumba, Entebbe 

Contact: Maureen Mugisha


Rubaga students centre, PLOT 53, Kiira Road, Jinja Town

Contact: Father Ben Wakabi


Kasese Baptist Skills Centre, Kitooro Zone, Nyakasanga 2, Kasese

Contact: Alfonse Bwambale

0772 608287

(L to R) Sam, Maureen, Isaiah and Andrew.

To apply for support complete the online application form



Please make every effort to apply online, but if you cannot do so you can download, complete and return the application forms below.  Click on the bold words to download the form. 

You must download and complete both these forms in either Word of PDF format:

About your organisation (Word)

About your organisation (PDF)

Apply for tools (Word)

Apply for tools (PDF)

If you need help to complete our application for please contact your local team member.  Help and support is always offered free of charge.  You should never have to pay for help completing an application form.

Think about the cost of shipping

Tools with a Mission provides tools free of charge, but we do ask you to help towards the cost of shipping those tools to Uganda.  The Online Application form above will show you the cost of shipping your tools.  Before completing your application please think about the cost and whether you can afford it.  If you cannot, please reduce the number of tools you are applying for at this time to a cost you can afford.  You can apply again another time for more tools.  By applying for less tools rather than waiting to raise a larger amount you will not have to wait so long for delivery of the tools you need.


Two small orders will not cost you any more than one big order, so think about applying for just what you can afford now.