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Edwin’s Motorcycle Training

The story changes to success

Edwin fulfils his dream of owning a Motorcycle Repair Workshop 


Edwin was 16 and a school drop out.  His mother died and his father could not look after his children.  Edwin ended up joining a street gang and getting into trouble.  Edwin faced many challenges.


One day a local Church found him and offered to train him to repair motorbikes.  Edwin was so happy and said ’yes’ straight away.  He worked very hard on the course and learned very quickly.  His course lasted two years and when it ended he was given a TWAM Mechanics Kit. 


During his two years’ training he dreamed of opening his own workshop, and the trainers from the Church encouraged him to achieve his dream.  Bob trained on the same course and he too dreamed of starting his own workshop. 


The trainers knew Edwin had the determination to achieve his goal, but not the family support or money to do it, and they also knew Bob did not have the determination, but did have the family support and some money to help him.  They asked to see Edwin and Bob and suggested they work together, as between them they had all the skills and resources needed to start a workshop.


With Edwin’s small savings and the support of Bob’s family they were able to find a workshop they could afford.  By supporting and encouraging each other through the challenges they quickly earned a reputation as hard working and honest mechanics.  Soon they had a good number of regular customers.


Edwin’s dream of a Mechanics Workshop succeeds


1. What did Edwin do differently this time?

2. Who helped make Edwin’s dreams succeed?


3. What can you learn from Edwin’s story, that could help your trainees succeed? 


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To download a printable PDF of Edwin's story click here 

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