Special Project?  

If your country is not listed on the home page we cannot currently ship to it.  However we may still be able to help you by either:

  1. Shipping a single pallet of tools

  2. Starting a new work in your country and sending a whole container

The advantages of a pallet are that we can send smaller quantities much quicker.  The disadvantages are that the cost of shipping is much higher.

The advantages of sending a whole container are the shipping costs are much lower, but the disadvantages are that it could take much longer to send as we may need to find lots of other charities and groups in your country who want to apply for tools and pay for shipping.

If you would like to discuss the options, please email David White, our Special Projects Coordinator. 

Please ensure you include in your email the following information:

  1. The country you want us to send tools to

  2. The name and address of your group

  3. A brief description of the people you want to help (eg: vulnerable women/children)

  4. A brief description of what you plan to do to help them

  5. The difference TWAM tools will make

  6. A list of the kits and quantities that you would like to apply for

Please note that this is not an application for tools but an enquiry to find out if we can or can not send tools to your country.

Please email David White on projects@twam.uk

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